History of Word for the World

A Growing Miracle…
Enduring Vision!                  Enlarging Mission!

It was August 1990. The Lord moved the hearts of some Christians in Chennai to do something special for the socially neglected people.

There are countless number of people in many Leper colonies, Villages and slums, groping in life without the knowledge of Truth and true happiness. These people are in the midst of poverty, pain and suffering without the hope for the future as they did not know the way for hope in life. Sensing the need of such people and to reach out to them, preparation for the formation of Word for the World through pioneer activities for a true and genuine growth was done.

1991 dawned as usual for everyone … but for three of His Children in Chennai, it was the beginning of a God – given vision put into action to serve the socially neglected people. On January 23rd, 1991, the ministry of Word for the World was started and  registered with the Government of India as a Public, Religious & Charitable Trust.

In the early days, with 8 workers, 8 villages surrounding Poonamallee and 3 leper colonies in Chengalpet were chosen as our mission fields.

In 1992, the ministry expanded to Villages in Ponneri about 60 kms from Chennai. During this year through music, sharing, teaching and literature people were built to face true life.

Another milestone achieved in this year was the starting of a Day Care centre in Madurai for Physically challenged children to fulfill the much felt need to serve the physically challenged.
In 1994, the ministry expanded to new regions with 12 workers.

In 1995, ministry was established in 7 leper colonies and God gave us 15 workers for the rehabilitation of leprosy patients to take care of their whole personality.

In 1996, The great service spread its branches to 12 villages with 6 new staff and the need to cater to the slum dwellers in India was fulfilled with the ministry being started in Navi Mumbai.

In 1998, Word Festivals commenced. It helped Christians to read the Word of God, Study and meditate upon it. ‘Delight’ a programme for young girls to cater to their spiritual needs and guide them in their personal life was started.

1999, saw the ministry expansion to Kumarapatnam in Karnataka and Coimbatore in Tamilnadu. A special programme for women ‘Fireplace’, ignited the spiritual fire in the heart of many women coming from different backgrounds and guided them to accept life and become useful and integral part of their families and society.

2001, was the year when we looked back,along with our 40 missionaries, at the great and mighty things that the Lord had done for us in the past 10 years.

2002, in a great venture of faith, the ministry was expanded to Delhi and Andhra Pradesh and the missionaries increased to 61. 5 Kindergarten English medium schools were started in Navi Mumbai.

2003 Ministry expanded to Orissa and Pondicherry and the strength of the workers rose to 73.
Yet another leap in the milestones of Word for the World was the expansion of the ministry to Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh in 2004. The end of this year saw the killer Tsunami striking the coast of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.

In 2005, we were able to get involved in the rehabilitation work of the Tsunami affected villages of Pondicherry. The ministry expanded to Goa and Jammu and the number of workers reached 100 and more help were given to the affected people without caste, creed or religion.

From 2006 till now the ministry has been going on well by the guidance of our living God and the strength of workers has gone up to 152.

 Leprosy patients, Villagers and slum dwellers were benefitted by the teaching of good habits, health and hygiene. They also received small helps to support in times of need and during festivals.